Episode 7: Trump Tweets, Bad Budgets, Tall Walls & Comey Testifies

Just when we thought Trump might have lost his phone, he sent out wacky tweets! Then we get to Trump's proposed budget, what the administration is looking for in a border wall, what FBI Director Comey had to say to Congress, Sean Spicer's weekly meltdown & German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to the White House.

Episode 6: CBO Scores, Spicer Explains, Conway Confounds & Maddow Misfires

It's been another fun week in the Trump Administration. The CBO did not do the AHCA any favors, Sean Spicer tried to explain why "wiretapping" doesn't mean wiretapping, KellyAnne Conway worried that your microwave might be spying on you & Rachel Maddow hoped to hit a home run with Trump's tax return, but ended up striking out.