Episode 60: Bad-Faith Justin & Lil' Kim

So much can happen in a week. Prior to the G7 meeting, Trump advocated for bringing Russia back into the meeting (no collusion!), surprising the other world leaders that were attending. After a contentious, but ultimately successful meeting, Trump threw a hissy fit, called Justin Trudeau names & backed out of signing the communique. Later in the week, Trump met with someone more his style - Kim Jong-un. They met, said nice things about each other and accomplished very little. As always, that's a win for the Trump administration. As if that wasn't enough, the Supreme Court ruled that citizens who fail to vote for an extended period of time can be removed from the voter rolls. Democracy at it's finest.

Episode 10: Bannon Removed, North Korea Instigates, Rice Questioned, Don Jr. Tweets & Blackwater Shadiness

President Trump finally made a decision we agree with - he removed Steve Bannon from the National Security Council! But that's where the good news ends. North Korea is shooting off missiles on the eve of the Chinese President's trip to the U.S, the Trump administration has blamed former National Security Adviser Susan Rice of unmasking names for political purposes, Don Jr. thinks the guy behind pizzagate should win the Pulitzer & Blackwater might have had some backroom dealings with Russia on behalf of the President.