Episode 60: Bad-Faith Justin & Lil' Kim

So much can happen in a week. Prior to the G7 meeting, Trump advocated for bringing Russia back into the meeting (no collusion!), surprising the other world leaders that were attending. After a contentious, but ultimately successful meeting, Trump threw a hissy fit, called Justin Trudeau names & backed out of signing the communique. Later in the week, Trump met with someone more his style - Kim Jong-un. They met, said nice things about each other and accomplished very little. As always, that's a win for the Trump administration. As if that wasn't enough, the Supreme Court ruled that citizens who fail to vote for an extended period of time can be removed from the voter rolls. Democracy at it's finest.

Episode 7: Trump Tweets, Bad Budgets, Tall Walls & Comey Testifies

Just when we thought Trump might have lost his phone, he sent out wacky tweets! Then we get to Trump's proposed budget, what the administration is looking for in a border wall, what FBI Director Comey had to say to Congress, Sean Spicer's weekly meltdown & German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to the White House.