Episode 68: Election 2018

We’re baaaaaaaack! The election is over, but what does it all mean. We get back into the swing of things discussing the election results and what happens next. We also discuss the ouster of Jeff Sessions from the Department of Justice and the White House’s overreaction to Jim Acosta (oh yeah, they lied, too).

Episode 36: Elections & Indictments

Jesse & Kevin are absolutely exhausted following yesterday's election. Since we're still recovering, we bring you a shorter episode of the podcast this week. We discuss the end of our campaigns for Town Council & Board of Education, what yesterday's gubernatorial elections mean for 2018 & how Michael Flynn might be next on Robert Mueller's list.

Podcast Spotlight: Grab Them By The Pod

We recently sat down with Kevin Goldberg from Discover Pods. We discussed our background in politics, how the election affected the podcasting world and lots more! Discover Pods is a great place to visit for the latest in podcasting news!

Check out our interview here