Episode 68: Election 2018

We’re baaaaaaaack! The election is over, but what does it all mean. We get back into the swing of things discussing the election results and what happens next. We also discuss the ouster of Jeff Sessions from the Department of Justice and the White House’s overreaction to Jim Acosta (oh yeah, they lied, too).

Episode 12: Elections, Logs, Protests, Ratings & Wikileaks

Today was the special election for Georgia's 6th district and the race is still too close to call! President Trump was up to his usual antics with week, tweeting about Russia, China, elections & the media. The White House rolled back the Obama administration's policy of making most visitor logs available. Numerous tax day rallies were held across the country calling & some got violent. Also, Trump is excited that half the country disapproves of him, Don Jr. shares his fake news shirt & the director if the CIA changes his tune on Wikileaks.