Episode 63: Kavenaugh, NATO & Pardons

Trump has nominated Brett Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court and his feelings on subpoenas and Special Counsels might have a huge impact on the Mueller investigation. Trump flew to Europe for a NATO summit and immediately accused Germany of being captive to Russia - it sounds like he's projecting his feelings a bit. Trump disparaged a Massachusetts senator, a Republican Senator and former Republican President...while at a rally in Montana. Trump also pardoned ranchers who were convicted of setting a series of fires...because why not? Relations with North Korea took a unfortunate turn and Trump's victory speech might have been a little premature. Finally, some good news! Scott Pruitt is no longer the head of the EPA. Unfortunately, his replacement is just as bad.

Episode 55: Funerals, Lies & Pardons

Today is the special election for AZ-8. Republicans will likely win the district, but still come out as losers. President George H.W. Bush is in the office, just a few days after his wife's funeral and we wish him a speedy recovery. Trump claims that he's never spent a night in Russia, but new information says differently. Michael Cohen hasn't been convicted of anything yet, but the White House might already be planning to pardon him. Trump went on another tweet storm over the weekend and it was as ridiculous as usual. Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson's nomination to run Veterans Affairs might be in trouble & Trump isn't exactly helping him. Finally, Sean Hannity has another shady business deal. The hits just keep on coming.

Episode 43: Fire, Fury & a Stable Genius

Before you listen to this episode, make sure to check out the recent Politico Magazine article, The Weird World of Trump-Themed Podcasts, which features Grab Them By The Pod! Last week saw the release of Michael Wolff's book, Fire and Fury, as well as the downfall of Steve Bannon. It was ugly. Trump went on a tweeting spree on Saturday morning, where he claimed to be a stable genius and, like really smart. The Golden Globes aired on Sunday night and made Oprah the leading Democratic contender for 2020. How seriously should we take her? Finally, we discuss Mueller vs. Trump, Jake Tapper vs. Stephen Miller & Trump vs. the "Fake News."

Episode 41: Taxes, Coups & Banned Words

It looks like Trump will finally score the first win of his administration with the passage of his tax bill. Unfortunately is a bad bill that is extremely unpopular. The Right is using dangerous rhetoric and claiming that the Mueller investigation is a coup against the current administration. They don't seem to realize just how dangerous that kind of language is. Reality star & WHite House official, Omarosa, is out of the Trump administration. Did she resign or get fired? We're not really sure. We end with Trump denying he was mad at Neil Gorsuch, the CDC's plan to ban seven words & the failure of several Trump nominees.

Episode 40: Decency Wins

Doug Jones won the historic Alabama special election last night & is the first Democratic senator to represent the state in 23 years! Unfortunately, Roy Moore isn't ready to go away. Trump's newest political opponent is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, but did he go too far (spoiler alert: he did)? Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the media of purposely making false reports, but can't offer up any real proof. We've seen some Democratic members of congress resign recently due to reports of inappropriate behavior. Now it's the GOP's turn.

Episode 21: Investigations, Reforms & Canceling Recess

Last week, The Washington Post reported that Trump is under investigation, but his lawyer says it's fake news. Who should we believe? Health care reform is on going, but nobody seems to know what's in the bill. The GOP is considering canceling August recess to help advance their agenda since things have been moving at a snail's pace on Congress. They are also ready to go after Loretta Lynch to take some of the heat of the White House. Finally, Megyn Kelly interviewed Alex Jones & he's as nutty as we thought.

Episode 20: Comey Testifies, Trump Responds & Butts Were Kissed

After weeks of craziness, James Comey finally testified before Congress. There wasn't a smoking gun, but it was not a good look for the President. Never one to hold back, Trump spoke about the hearing & seemed to accuse Comey of perjury. As if that wasn't enough, he may actually fire the guy investigating his campaign's ties to Russia! Jeff Sessions also appeared before Congress - that went about as well as expected. Finally, while Trump's travel ban might suffered another loss, that didn't stop his cabinet of sycophants from kissing his butt...must taste like bronzer. 

Episode 18: Scores, Budgets & International Incidents

After his first foreign trip, Donald Trump is back...and so are his tweets. The CBO finally scored the American Health Care Act & it's as bad as we thought. The administration released more info on their proposed budget & it's also as bad as we thought. Jared Kushner might be in more trouble than we thought. Finally, Trump's trip overseas wasn't great, but it could have been worse.

Episode 16: Classified Info, Comey Fallout, FBI Leadership & Spicer's Future

Another podcast, another crazy late breaking story. Donald Trump has reportedly shared highly classified information with the Russians - but what does it mean? It's been a week since James Comey was fired - but what was the fallout? There are 14 candidates to lead the FBI - but who will Trump choose? Sean Spicer has had a rough few days - but why was he hiding in the bushes?