Episode 58: Memorial Day Edition

Last weekend, we served as delegates at the Connecticut State Democratic Convention. We saw a lot and learned even more! Trump sent out a Memorial Day tweet, but seemed more interested in praising himself than truly celebrating the holiday. Trump has invented a new scandal and named it Spygate. He doesn't care if it's actually real as long as his base thinks it is. Immigration continues to be a problem as the U.S. government takes some children away from their families while losing track of others. Trump & King Jong-un continue their will they/won't they relationship, with Trump claiming verifiable sources don't exist. Finally, the NFL has officially ruled on their national anthem policy and it's rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

Episode 31: Health Care Sadness & North Korean Madness

The Senate GOP is trying (again) to repeal & replace the ACA and things aren't going any better for them this time around. Trump threatened to destroy North Korea at the U.N. and, as you can imagine, Kim Jong-un had something to say about it. Sean Spicer appeared at the Emmys & everyone freaked out. NFL players knelt during the national anthem & Trump freaked out. Finally, Jared Kushner might be hearing "lock him up" pretty soon, Anthony Weiner is going to jail & Alabama is holding a special election on Tuesday.