Episode 6: CBO Scores, Spicer Explains, Conway Confounds & Maddow Misfires

It's been another fun week in the Trump Administration. The CBO did not do the AHCA any favors, Sean Spicer tried to explain why "wiretapping" doesn't mean wiretapping, KellyAnne Conway worried that your microwave might be spying on you & Rachel Maddow hoped to hit a home run with Trump's tax return, but ended up striking out.

Episode 3: Blaming Obama, Oval Office Etiquette, a Joint Session & a Lying Sessions

It was a big night for Trump - he survived his first address to Congress! But before we discuss the Joint Session, we cover his recent interview on Fox & Friends and debate proper Oval Office etiquette. Before the end of the show, we reported breaking news: Jeff Sessions lied about not being in contact with Russian officials! Uh oh!