Episode 63: Kavenaugh, NATO & Pardons

Trump has nominated Brett Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court and his feelings on subpoenas and Special Counsels might have a huge impact on the Mueller investigation. Trump flew to Europe for a NATO summit and immediately accused Germany of being captive to Russia - it sounds like he's projecting his feelings a bit. Trump disparaged a Massachusetts senator, a Republican Senator and former Republican President...while at a rally in Montana. Trump also pardoned ranchers who were convicted of setting a series of fires...because why not? Relations with North Korea took a unfortunate turn and Trump's victory speech might have been a little premature. Finally, some good news! Scott Pruitt is no longer the head of the EPA. Unfortunately, his replacement is just as bad.

Episode 39: Propaganda from the White House

Michael Flynn took a plea deal from Robert Mueller. Is the next domino about to fall? The Senate GOP tax bill was passed in the early hours of Saturday morning. But will it help or hurt the middle class? Congress has until Friday to prevent the government from shutting down. Can both sides find a compromise? Finally, the Trump promoted propaganda, accused a morning show host of murder & called a senator Pocahontas...yeah, it was that kind of week.