Episode 18: Scores, Budgets & International Incidents

After his first foreign trip, Donald Trump is back...and so are his tweets. The CBO finally scored the American Health Care Act & it's as bad as we thought. The administration released more info on their proposed budget & it's also as bad as we thought. Jared Kushner might be in more trouble than we thought. Finally, Trump's trip overseas wasn't great, but it could have been worse.

Episode 6: CBO Scores, Spicer Explains, Conway Confounds & Maddow Misfires

It's been another fun week in the Trump Administration. The CBO did not do the AHCA any favors, Sean Spicer tried to explain why "wiretapping" doesn't mean wiretapping, KellyAnne Conway worried that your microwave might be spying on you & Rachel Maddow hoped to hit a home run with Trump's tax return, but ended up striking out.

Episode 5: Discussing Health Care Reform on America's Healthcare Challenge

Friend and CEO of E.D. Bellis, Sean McGuire, invited Jesse on his radio show "America's Healthcare Challenge." They discuss the new American Health Care Act and what it means for lobbyists!

For more information on E.D. Bellis, visit http://healthreformexplained.com

Episode 4: Beauregard, TrumpCare, Wiretapping & Travel Ban 2.0

This episode we discuss the current state of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the GOP's ACA replacement, Trump's crazy accusations regarding his predecessor and the administration's second attempt at a travel ban.