Episode 30: DACA, Debt Ceiling & Steve Bannon

With everything going on in the world, we take a moment to remember 9/11 & discuss Hurricane Irma. Then we get into Trump's official DACA announcement and how he pissed off GOP leadership with the debt ceiling deal. Steve Bannon was interviewed on 60 Minutes last night and it was a doozy! Trump hopes to pass tax reform this year, but is that realistic? We end by discussing how Donald Jr. & Dan Scavino aren't doing the administration any favors.

Episode 29: Harvey, North Korea & DACA

It's been a week and a half since Hurricane Harvey first hit Houston, but how would you rate the government's response? North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb & continues to test America's patience. Trump plans on ending DACA & people are not happy. Robert Mueller has Trump's original Comey memo & we know know the real seasons he was fired. Finally, we revisit Trump's inflammatory Arizona speech.

Episode 28: Afghanistan, Bannon & Arizona

Trump had his first prime time address to discuss his new policy on Afghanistan & it was a little short on details for our taste. But at least we had some good news with Steve Bannon's firing! Trump is having a rally in Arizona tonight but not everyone thinks it's timing is appropriate. Finally, Trump is still fighting with Mitch McConnell & named Hope Hicks the new communications director.

Episode 27: Nazis, Russia & North Korea

This episode we discuss the tragic events that happened in Charlottesville over the weekend & Trump's bizarre response. Since then, he's continued to make a bunch of questionable decisions, including disbanding his advisory panels. We also received a little more information out of the Russia scandal & delayed nuclear war with North Korea. Finally, the president started a fight with his own majority leader & Alabama had Senate primary elections.

Episode 26: Juries, Wads & Vacations

Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in DC, which can't be good news for President Trump. Stephen Miller has some weird thoughts about the Statue of Liberty & told CNN's Jim Acosta all about it. The Democratic party is already fighting with itself - is it too late to stop it? Trump started his 17 day "working vacation" but attacking Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. North Korea can now put a nuke of a missile - good thing we have a level head in the oval office. Orrin Hatch discussed his thoughts on shooting wads & it's everything you hoped it would be & more. We finish by discussing Lara Trump's new Real News.

Episode 25: McCain is a Maverick & The Mooch is Cut Loose

The GOP's Skinny Repeal went down in dramatic fashion, all thanks to three maverick Republican Senators. Since then, there has been a lot of shakeups in the White House. The Mooch? Gone! Reince Priebus? Gone! John Kelly? In! Jeff Sessions? TBD.

Episode 24: Health Care, Spicy & The Mooch

What a crazy week in the world of health care. The Senate has failed to pass to versions of the bill. Is third time the charm? Our hearts broke when Sean "Spicy" Spicer resigned & we're not sure we're ready to embrace the craziness of Anthony Scaramucci. Trump has thrown Jeff Sessions under the bus, but is still defending his son-in-law...for now. Trump has also been releasing some crazy tweets & the internet is (rightly) upset. Finally, we close with some exciting news about the political futures of Jesse & Kevin!

Episode 23: Health Reform, Don Jr. & Approval Ratings

The GOP health care plan is dead one arrival...for now. Will that change? Only time will tell. Donald Trump Jr. is sill in hot water over his shady meeting with Russians. Is he in big trouble? Only time will tell. The President's approval rating is currently 36%. Can it fall lower? Only time will tell. Can the president stop eating fast food & get into shape? Only time....ah, who are we kidding? The answer is no.

Episode 22: Health Care, Voter Data, Putin & Tweets

Happy 4th of July! We can celebrate our nation's birthday, but we can't celebrate the Senate's health care bill, which resulted in another bad CBO score. The Trump administration has requested voter data from the states, but some of them are fighting back. Trump will be meeting with Putin next week. Will he bring up Russia's hacking of our elections? Of course now. The administration also tried to delay the implementation of an EPA pollution rule, but the courts weren't hearing it! Finally, we discuss Trump's many disturbing tweets about the media.

Episode 21: Investigations, Reforms & Canceling Recess

Last week, The Washington Post reported that Trump is under investigation, but his lawyer says it's fake news. Who should we believe? Health care reform is on going, but nobody seems to know what's in the bill. The GOP is considering canceling August recess to help advance their agenda since things have been moving at a snail's pace on Congress. They are also ready to go after Loretta Lynch to take some of the heat of the White House. Finally, Megyn Kelly interviewed Alex Jones & he's as nutty as we thought.