Episode 47: Resignations & Reality TV

White House Staff Secretary resigned last week amid allegations of domestic abuse and Donald Trump didn't exactly handle it well. After a brief government shut down, Congress passed another short term spending bill. But what's next for the DREAMers? Trump's budget policy priorities have been released and, once again, he's looking to cut funding to NPR, PBS & Meals on Wheels. Finally, Omarosa traded the White House for the Big Brother House. What has she been saying about her time in the Trump administration.

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Episode 45: Firings, Closings & Openings

Reports are out that Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller last year. How will the affect Mueller's investigation? The government shut down and opened back up, but the problem remains. John Kelly might be following in his predecessor's footsteps and leaving the White House. Finally, what is the GOP memo and how much of it can we believe?

Episode 44: Trump & S***hole Countries

Trump only wants immigrants from countries like Norway and not from "s***hole countries" like Haiti and those in Africa. This, understandably, upset a lot of people and only caused more problems with the DACA debate. Will they be able to agree on an immigration deal? We'll see. Trump's State of the Union address is in two weeks, but many Democrats are vowing to boycott. Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed by Robert Mueller as his bad month continues. Finally, Sara Huckabee Sanders may be in violation of federal regulations, but we doubt the White House cares.

Episode 43: Fire, Fury & a Stable Genius

Before you listen to this episode, make sure to check out the recent Politico Magazine article, The Weird World of Trump-Themed Podcasts, which features Grab Them By The Pod! Last week saw the release of Michael Wolff's book, Fire and Fury, as well as the downfall of Steve Bannon. It was ugly. Trump went on a tweeting spree on Saturday morning, where he claimed to be a stable genius and, like really smart. The Golden Globes aired on Sunday night and made Oprah the leading Democratic contender for 2020. How seriously should we take her? Finally, we discuss Mueller vs. Trump, Jake Tapper vs. Stephen Miller & Trump vs. the "Fake News."

Episode 42: Trump's Tweets, Interviews & Rants

Happy 2018! The new year brings us the same old Trump. He's tweeted North Korea, announced the "Most Honest and Corrupt Media Awards" & given an impromptu interview to the New York Times. At least Congress is planning to focus on bipartisanship...let's keep our fingers crossed that it lasts. The DACA fight will take center stage early in the year & hopefully Congress will do the right thing. Orrin Hatch is retiring after serving seven terms. Will Mitt Romney take his place? Finally, Trump is still attacking Hillary & Comey. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Episode 41: Taxes, Coups & Banned Words

It looks like Trump will finally score the first win of his administration with the passage of his tax bill. Unfortunately is a bad bill that is extremely unpopular. The Right is using dangerous rhetoric and claiming that the Mueller investigation is a coup against the current administration. They don't seem to realize just how dangerous that kind of language is. Reality star & WHite House official, Omarosa, is out of the Trump administration. Did she resign or get fired? We're not really sure. We end with Trump denying he was mad at Neil Gorsuch, the CDC's plan to ban seven words & the failure of several Trump nominees.

Episode 40: Decency Wins

Doug Jones won the historic Alabama special election last night & is the first Democratic senator to represent the state in 23 years! Unfortunately, Roy Moore isn't ready to go away. Trump's newest political opponent is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, but did he go too far (spoiler alert: he did)? Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the media of purposely making false reports, but can't offer up any real proof. We've seen some Democratic members of congress resign recently due to reports of inappropriate behavior. Now it's the GOP's turn.

Episode 39: Propaganda from the White House

Michael Flynn took a plea deal from Robert Mueller. Is the next domino about to fall? The Senate GOP tax bill was passed in the early hours of Saturday morning. But will it help or hurt the middle class? Congress has until Friday to prevent the government from shutting down. Can both sides find a compromise? Finally, the Trump promoted propaganda, accused a morning show host of murder & called a senator Pocahontas...yeah, it was that kind of week. 

Episode 38: Donald Trump vs. Lavar Ball

Happy Thanksgiving! Trump helped get Americans out of a Chinese jail, but Lavar Ball didn't show enough gratitude & Trump lost his mind. Luckily, that means we get to enjoy another ridiculous twitter feud. House Republicans passed a tax reform bill, but will it benefit the middle class? It doesn't look good. Roy Moore continues to face sexual misconduct allegations and is now joined by Democrats Al Franken & John Conyers. What a mess.

Episode 37: Moore Scandals & Trump's Foreign Policy

New allegations are coming out regarding Senate candidate Roy Moore's disturbing attraction to younger woman. Can he still win the Alabama special election or is he toast? Trump has more faith in Putin than in U.S. intelligence agencies. Let that sink in. Trump also decided it would be a good idea to call Kim Jong-un fat and short over twitter. This can't end well. Donald Trump, Jr. might be in bed with Wikileaks. How much fuel with this add to the fire that is the Russia investigation? Finally, Jeff Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee, and it was really just more of the same.