Episode 20: Comey Testifies, Trump Responds & Butts Were Kissed

After weeks of craziness, James Comey finally testified before Congress. There wasn't a smoking gun, but it was not a good look for the President. Never one to hold back, Trump spoke about the hearing & seemed to accuse Comey of perjury. As if that wasn't enough, he may actually fire the guy investigating his campaign's ties to Russia! Jeff Sessions also appeared before Congress - that went about as well as expected. Finally, while Trump's travel ban might suffered another loss, that didn't stop his cabinet of sycophants from kissing his butt...must taste like bronzer. 

Episode 19: Bans, Blindsides & Pulling Out

We're only a few days away from Comey hearing & we can't wait! President Trump, to the surprise of no one, has been on a twitter rampage about London, "fake news" & Qatar. Trump's also given up pretending that the travel ban isn't a travel ban. As we expected, Trump is pulling out of the Paris Agreement, joining Syria & Nicaragua. Trump's top security officials were blindsided at the NATO meeting & aren't happy. Finally, Eric & Don Jr. are sharing business info with the President, but assure us that it's all on the up and up. 

Episode 18: Scores, Budgets & International Incidents

After his first foreign trip, Donald Trump is back...and so are his tweets. The CBO finally scored the American Health Care Act & it's as bad as we thought. The administration released more info on their proposed budget & it's also as bad as we thought. Jared Kushner might be in more trouble than we thought. Finally, Trump's trip overseas wasn't great, but it could have been worse.

Episode 17: Memos, Nut Jobs & Weiners

Was last week the worst of the Trump Administration? It sure seems like it. Memos from former FBI Director James Comey detail Trump asking for the Mike Flynn investigation to be closed. Trump also told Russian diplomats (aka spies) that Comey was a nut job. But a special counsel has been named and things are about to get real. On top of that, former congressman Anthony Weiner is likely going to jail & former senator Joe Lieberman might be the next director of the FBI.

Episode 16: Classified Info, Comey Fallout, FBI Leadership & Spicer's Future

Another podcast, another crazy late breaking story. Donald Trump has reportedly shared highly classified information with the Russians - but what does it mean? It's been a week since James Comey was fired - but what was the fallout? There are 14 candidates to lead the FBI - but who will Trump choose? Sean Spicer has had a rough few days - but why was he hiding in the bushes?

Episode 15: Comey, Health Care, Yates & 2020

Following an iTunes review, we discuss our possible bias. Next, we discuss the breaking news that FBI Director James Comey was fired! Then we discuss the House passing health care reform legislation which, until five minutes ago, was our big issue of the night! Not wanting to let Comey have all of the fun, Sally Yates testified (again) before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Finally, has campaigning already started for 2020?

Episode 14: Tax Reform, the First Amendment, Andrew Jackson & the Civil War

This week we discuss Trump's new tax reform plan, his old health care reform plan, averting a government shutdown, changing the First Amendment, Andrew Jackson's effect (or lack thereof) on the Civil War & Trump's interview with CBS News.

Episode 13: Trump Tweets, Government Shutdown, Border Wall & Jason Chaffetz

This week the government faces a shutdown, Trump delayed the border wall, health care reform came back, Jason Chaffetz announced his retirement, Jeff Sessions offended Hawaii & France held it's presidential election.

Episode 12: Elections, Logs, Protests, Ratings & Wikileaks

Today was the special election for Georgia's 6th district and the race is still too close to call! President Trump was up to his usual antics with week, tweeting about Russia, China, elections & the media. The White House rolled back the Obama administration's policy of making most visitor logs available. Numerous tax day rallies were held across the country calling & some got violent. Also, Trump is excited that half the country disapproves of him, Don Jr. shares his fake news shirt & the director if the CIA changes his tune on Wikileaks.

Episode 11: MOAB, Syria, Spicer, North Korea & Trump Team Turmoil

The U.S. just dropped a MOAB bomb on Afghanistan - the largest non-nuclear bomb in their arsenal. That one is a biggie! Also, it's been a week since the U.S. fired missiles into Syria, Sean Spicer made a big gaffe, Steve Bannon & Jared Kushner are feuding, North Korea might be testing a nuclear bomb, there was a special election in Kansas and we had more fun with Devin Nunes.