Episode 12: Elections, Logs, Protests, Ratings & Wikileaks

Today was the special election for Georgia's 6th district and the race is still too close to call! President Trump was up to his usual antics with week, tweeting about Russia, China, elections & the media. The White House rolled back the Obama administration's policy of making most visitor logs available. Numerous tax day rallies were held across the country calling & some got violent. Also, Trump is excited that half the country disapproves of him, Don Jr. shares his fake news shirt & the director if the CIA changes his tune on Wikileaks.

Episode 11: MOAB, Syria, Spicer, North Korea & Trump Team Turmoil

The U.S. just dropped a MOAB bomb on Afghanistan - the largest non-nuclear bomb in their arsenal. That one is a biggie! Also, it's been a week since the U.S. fired missiles into Syria, Sean Spicer made a big gaffe, Steve Bannon & Jared Kushner are feuding, North Korea might be testing a nuclear bomb, there was a special election in Kansas and we had more fun with Devin Nunes.

Podcast Spotlight: Grab Them By The Pod

We recently sat down with Kevin Goldberg from Discover Pods. We discussed our background in politics, how the election affected the podcasting world and lots more! Discover Pods is a great place to visit for the latest in podcasting news!

Check out our interview here

Episode 10: Bannon Removed, North Korea Instigates, Rice Questioned, Don Jr. Tweets & Blackwater Shadiness

President Trump finally made a decision we agree with - he removed Steve Bannon from the National Security Council! But that's where the good news ends. North Korea is shooting off missiles on the eve of the Chinese President's trip to the U.S, the Trump administration has blamed former National Security Adviser Susan Rice of unmasking names for political purposes, Don Jr. thinks the guy behind pizzagate should win the Pulitzer & Blackwater might have had some backroom dealings with Russia on behalf of the President.  

Episode 9: Trump Tweets, Environmental Woes, Flynn's Immunity & Nunes No-Nos

This week Donald Trump continued to alienate Democrats and added in The Freedom Caucus for good measure. He then declared war on the New York Times and the Clintons (again). Additionally, Devin Nunes continues to dig himself a deeper hole, Mike Flynn wants immunity, the Gorsuch filibuster will likely arrive next week, environmental policies are under attack, Ivanka has an official job & a Democrat might actually win GA-6. Our sound quality was a little off this episode due to our special guest - our regular sound quality will be back next episode!

Episode 8: Adios American Health Care Act, Trump in Time, Devin's Mistake, Schumer's Filibuster & Ivanka's Husband

Last week was rough for President Trump. His health care bill went down in flames and his interview in Time magazine was rambling. At least Devin Nunes' press conference wasn't weird...whoops. Well, I'm sure Chuck Schumer's filibuster will work out and that tax reform will go better than health care. Well...there's always next week.

Episode 7: Trump Tweets, Bad Budgets, Tall Walls & Comey Testifies

Just when we thought Trump might have lost his phone, he sent out wacky tweets! Then we get to Trump's proposed budget, what the administration is looking for in a border wall, what FBI Director Comey had to say to Congress, Sean Spicer's weekly meltdown & German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to the White House.

Episode 6: CBO Scores, Spicer Explains, Conway Confounds & Maddow Misfires

It's been another fun week in the Trump Administration. The CBO did not do the AHCA any favors, Sean Spicer tried to explain why "wiretapping" doesn't mean wiretapping, KellyAnne Conway worried that your microwave might be spying on you & Rachel Maddow hoped to hit a home run with Trump's tax return, but ended up striking out.

Episode 5: Discussing Health Care Reform on America's Healthcare Challenge

Friend and CEO of E.D. Bellis, Sean McGuire, invited Jesse on his radio show "America's Healthcare Challenge." They discuss the new American Health Care Act and what it means for lobbyists!

For more information on E.D. Bellis, visit http://healthreformexplained.com

Episode 4: Beauregard, TrumpCare, Wiretapping & Travel Ban 2.0

This episode we discuss the current state of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the GOP's ACA replacement, Trump's crazy accusations regarding his predecessor and the administration's second attempt at a travel ban.